For sites experiencing a high number of false alarms, Base Fire Protection Pty Ltd specialise in False Alarm Surveys.

False alarms cause unwanted disruption to the work place, undue stress to occupants, and associated costs for fire brigade attendance.

In some instances the fire brigade call out fee will be refunded if the building manager can show that they are proactively trying to reduce nuisance alarms.

The False Alarm Survey is carried out with the intention to reduce unwanted false alarms. And includes:

  • Site survey, with emphasis on appropriate detector locations and types. There a many different types of detectors available that may be more suitable to site/location.
  • Fire Panel History check. Most Fire Panels will have a history that can be down loaded and reviewed, this provides us with past fire alarm and faults reports for analysis.
  • Ensure that the correct isolation procedures are being carried out prior to any building repair works, provision of an isolation procedure flow chart.
  • Full test of system to confirm correct operation of field equipment and fire panel.
  • Written report with recommendations and budget costs of all identified changes/upgrades or repairs.

Cost for this survey will vary due to size of site, type of fire panel, site conditions and access.

Please send enquiries to Chris Lehn.